Sunset Sessions: Secret's out!

Easily my favourite part of the evening, sunset sessions in Goa are truly something else!
… And here I am willing to give away *some* of its best kept secrets. ;)


First up …

1.  The Cape, Cancona


Not your everyday-ride-down-to-sunset-spot, the beautiful Cape, at Cabo De Rama is definitely one to put on your #mustvisit list. The turquoise blue water, elevated cliff top, peaceful & intimate environment is just what you need for a weekend getaway.

Yes, there’s mojitos and beer! :D and a gorgeous sunset for company!

2. Cocomo, Candolim

fish and feni blog sunsetLooking for a place closer to the all the action? Cocomo in Candolim, a restaurant with a rooftop; with the sea in the distance and super house-special cocktails … This one featured here, is the ‘Goan Gangsta’ of course! (giggles)

Try a small plate or something off the grill to go with. Just the spot to go to after a hectic weekday.

3. Jame's, Cavelossim

3Just off the beach in Cavelossim, Jame’s cafe Beach hut, has the most delicious things on their seafood menu. Local feni & Uraac is also available on request. The staff is cool, and the music easy. They’re open all day, so hop in whenever the urge kicks in! South Goa for the win.


4. Babazins, Reis Margos

4Local goodness by the Reis Margos fort. It opens just around the summer sunset at 7pm, but the area close by is perfect for a walk on the beach or a sit down by the shore under a palm tree while you wait. Fresh seafood, cocktails & a completely relaxed vibe, Babazins is where you want to be on an easy weekend.


5. Sand & Sea, Bambolim


Ahh, Sand & Sea … I’ve been quite sceptical about giving this one away. But it brings such joy to everyone I suggest it to! So, why not? Drive past the Grand Hyatt in Bambolim, and look for a rugged sign nailed to a tree on the right. Yes, go down the off-road sandy path (Your car will make it)… Another right when you see a bunch of cars parked around and you’re there.

Urrac is served by the quarter here, and they’ll let you know what’s just in off the boats!
Open all day … Though food may run out … so a late lunch moving into a sunset session is recommended.

I hope you have as much fun exploring these off-beat experiences as I have :)

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the thali times of goa

Well, I guess I was on the hunt for the best seafood thali in Goa, just like you. Over the past year, I managed to try out at least 20 different thalis. A thali a month should suffice ideally! Some at the ‘famous spots’, some on the street, and some at restaurants I just happened to pass by. I can’t obviously have a verdict laid out in stone, but I do have the 5 favourite spots I still go to often.

Here’s a collage of a few thalis across Goa 😉

fishandfenicollageAnd here’s the top 5 & why:

1. Bhojan : A complete meal

fishandfenithalitimesThe fish thali at Bhojan serves you starters, main course & dessert – all in one go!

In about 8 katoris (small bowls), there’s tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), kishmoor (dried prawns), mixed vegetables, fish curry, prawn curry, fruit salad, kheer (vermicelli in sweetened milk) & finally sol kadi (a local digestive drink made from kokum) to end this scrumptious meal!

On the side, you are served fried fish of your choice – mackerel, pomfret, king fish or chonak (white snapper) along with a bowl of rice and 2 chapattis.

All of the above from  Rs. 200 onwards.
Location: Chogm road, Porvorim, North Goa


2. Catherine’s Corner : Keeping it simple

fishandfeniEven thinking of eating a whole thali, for some, can be pretty over-whelming. However, the fish thali at Catherine’s little shop in Parra is basic yet incredibly satisfying ... Serves tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), a bowl of mixed vegetables, prawn curry, a piece of fried fish, rice, lime pickle & sol kadi to wash it all down, of course.

Starts at Rs. 120
Location: Parra Tinto, North Goa


3. Barcode : The extravagant thali


In the mood for a Thali? REALLY in the mood for a thali? Then, you must try the ‘special thali’ at Barcode.

Served on a platter, literally, the first thing you notice is the two large pieces of rava fried kingfish - alongside a bowl of rice, prawn curry, tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), salad, dried prawns, sol kadi & a little shot glass of Goa’s favourite serradura (a dessert made famous by the Portuguese).

Cost: Rs. 550 (& includes a complimentary beverage!)
Location: Barcode Lounge & Grill, Porvorim, North Goa


4. Le Jardin : A taste of local goodness


A simple, yet super tasty one; the thali at Le Jardin, close to the Mapusa market, contains tisryo curry, cabbage vegetable, fish curry, fried fish, rice, salad & sol kadi.

Cost: Rs. 200 onwards
Location: Mapusa, North Goa


5. Vinayak : Nothing ever goes wrong at Vinayak!


To be honest, I haven’t really tried anything here but the seafood … because I haven’t had the need to! But back to the thali - tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), mixed vegetables, prawn curry, a piece of fried fish, rice, lime pickle, salad, kismoor (dried prawns) & sol kadi

Tip: Ask for the rava-fried Chonak (this might bump up the price of the thali, but it’s worth it! ;) )

Cost: As per season
Location: Assagao, North Goa

• • • • •

Please try all of the above with a glass of chilled beer for maximum satisfaction … And, if you’ve got access to a hammock close by, you are truly blessed by the gods.

The other thali’s featured above are: Ritz classic, Casa Bhonsle, Sunhill, Bhojan, Vada Kombdi & Woods Inn.

Follow #thethalitimes to keep up with the latest thali adventures ;) or tune in to @fishandfeni on Instagram.

All images © @fishandfeni  2019

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