Well, I guess I was on the hunt for the best seafood thali in Goa, just like you. Over the past year, I managed to try out at least 20 different thalis. A thali a month should suffice ideally! Some at the ‘famous spots’, some on the street, and some at restaurants I just happened to pass by. I can’t obviously have a verdict laid out in stone, but I do have the 5 favourite spots I still go to often.

Here’s a collage of a few thalis across Goa 😉

fishandfenicollageAnd here’s the top 5 & why:

1. Bhojan : A complete meal

fishandfenithalitimesThe fish thali at Bhojan serves you starters, main course & dessert – all in one go!

In about 8 katoris (small bowls), there’s tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), kishmoor (dried prawns), mixed vegetables, fish curry, prawn curry, fruit salad, kheer (vermicelli in sweetened milk) & finally sol kadi (a local digestive drink made from kokum) to end this scrumptious meal!

On the side, you are served fried fish of your choice – mackerel, pomfret, king fish or chonak (white snapper) along with a bowl of rice and 2 chapattis.

All of the above from  Rs. 200 onwards.
Location: Chogm road, Porvorim, North Goa


2. Catherine’s Corner : Keeping it simple

fishandfeniEven thinking of eating a whole thali, for some, can be pretty over-whelming. However, the fish thali at Catherine’s little shop in Parra is basic yet incredibly satisfying … Serves tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), a bowl of mixed vegetables, prawn curry, a piece of fried fish, rice, lime pickle & sol kadi to wash it all down, of course.

Starts at Rs. 120
Location: Parra Tinto, North Goa


3. Barcode : The extravagant thali


In the mood for a Thali? REALLY in the mood for a thali? Then, you must try the ‘special thali’ at Barcode.

Served on a platter, literally, the first thing you notice is the two large pieces of rava fried kingfish – alongside a bowl of rice, prawn curry, tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), salad, dried prawns, sol kadi & a little shot glass of Goa’s favourite serradura (a dessert made famous by the Portuguese).

Cost: Rs. 550 (& includes a complimentary beverage!)
Location: Barcode Lounge & Grill, Porvorim, North Goa


4. Le Jardin : A taste of local goodness


A simple, yet super tasty one; the thali at Le Jardin, close to the Mapusa market, contains tisryo curry, cabbage vegetable, fish curry, fried fish, rice, salad & sol kadi.

Cost: Rs. 200 onwards
Location: Mapusa, North Goa


5. Vinayak : Nothing ever goes wrong at Vinayak!


To be honest, I haven’t really tried anything here but the seafood … because I haven’t had the need to! But back to the thali – tisryo sukkha (clams in coconut), mixed vegetables, prawn curry, a piece of fried fish, rice, lime pickle, salad, kismoor (dried prawns) & sol kadi

Tip: Ask for the rava-fried Chonak (this might bump up the price of the thali, but it’s worth it! 😉 )

Cost: As per season
Location: Assagao, North Goa

• • • • •

Please try all of the above with a glass of chilled beer for maximum satisfaction … And, if you’ve got access to a hammock close by, you are truly blessed by the gods.

The other thali’s featured above are: Ritz classic, Casa Bhonsle, Sunhill, Bhojan, Vada Kombdi & Woods Inn.

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